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Santarita said a similar concept can also be found in other

Asian countries, citing the Philippines’ compadrazgo and Indonesia’s bapakism as examples. Compadrazgo, a Spanish word that literally translates to “co-fatherhood”, is based on a kinship ritual that is formed after a child gets baptized into the Roman Catholic faith. For the predominantly Catholic and close-knit Philippine society, t he godfather (known as the padrino) is […]

Pet dogs and cats from other countries or regions can als

be released immediately after passing on-site inspections, providing they have valid electronic chips and their owners have valid reports showing rabies anti body test results from any of 62 authorized laboratories in various countries, according to the regulation. Certified service dogs, such as guide dogs, will also be free from extended quarantine periods. If the […]

when the country is set to reach a mature stage in

 its urbanization process. Lastly, it plans to have development of urban and rural areas fully integrated by the middle of the century. Under the plan, China will relax restrictions on new migrants to urban areas, excluding some mega cities. hen Liuqin, founder and director-general of Beijing-based Qin Dian Think Tank, said the stimulus policy d […]