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A woman mourns the victims in Moscow on Monday

She added that 28 passengers are now in the airport terminal, and five have been taken to a hospital. A group of experts trained in providing psychological assistance to survivors and relatives of victims has been sent to the airport. President Putin has offered his condolences over the incident. Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said […]

President mourns plane tragedyafter an emerg enemetyevo

Investigation underway to find out cause of fire that claimed 41 lives at Moscow airport President Xi Jinping extended condolences to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Monday over the victims of a fire on a passenger plane on Sunday in Moscow. The landing plane was engulfed in flames, leaving at least 41 dead on […]

teps aimed at helping further develop countryside opt

hina will undertake key measures to further integrate the country’s rural and urban areas and encourage the transfer and free flow of people and resources throughout the nation. Measures include relaxing hukou (household registration) barri ers, reforming zoning regulations for rural and residential land, marketing collective land in rural areas for development purposes and increasing […]

hina will provide proposals for World Trade Organ

ization reforms and enhance communication with member countries and regions to deal with trade issues. That will stre ngthen the WTO and jointly maintain free trade and the multilateral trade system, he said.a Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition welcomed its first tourist peak by serv ing more than 320,000 tourists during the four-day May Day holiday, […]

He called on both countries to fully carry out consen

nsuses that have been reached to make new progr ess in their all-around partnership of friendship and cooperation. China is willing to import more high-value-added Belgian produ cts that cater to demand in the Chinese market, and Bel gium is welcome to participate in the second China International Import Expo this year, Li said. In […]

calls on civil affairs authorities to improve publi

President Xi Jinping called upon civil affairs authorities to focus their efforts on meeting the requirements of poverty red uction, special groups and matters of public concern in an instruction released on Tuesday. The remark by Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of Central Mil itary Commission, […]